Creating a Place Where Single Moms and Their Kids Thrive

Inspire Village is a place where single moms are creating a fresh start. Our approach, we call a Life Accelerator, is focused on supporting single moms and their kids who are getting out of abusive situations to thrive, flourish and contribute.


The Model is Broken

The daunting truth is that there is an epidemic in the United States today. There are nearly 11.3 million single parents of which 81.5% are single moms. California has the highest percentage of single mothers. Inspire Village is a chance to reset the situation.

A New Solution: Inspire Village Helps Single Moms and their Kids getting Out of Abusive Situations

Our Life Accelerator provides safe housing, childcare, wellness care, career opportunities, car sharing, healthy food, and other aspects that make it easier for these families to thrive and contribute. Starting from a small place to make a difference, Inspire Village has an audacious goal: to be part of the solution by proving there is a way to create a new model for the country and the world.


Acknowledging Single Moms are Heroes

At great sacrifice, these women provide the primary source of financial and emotional support for their families. By giving them the resources they need to improve their lives, our Life Accelerator program provides hope and a clear path to a more fulfilling life. Inspire Village is a Kind Living community. We are investing in single moms and their children who are getting out of abusive situations.


Role Model

The key is establishing healthy role models. These moms become role models for their children and Inspire Village itself hopes to become a role model for other communities. We are happy to share what we learn with other groups and individuals committed to helping those who make significant contributions to our society.

You can be a role model too; would you like to inspire a village?

Lead By Example