What is a Life Accelerator?

Creating a positive environment for kids is the one thing proven to affect their entire lives. Our Life Accelerator program teaches how to create a positive atmosphere at home and for all our community members. Families learn what goes into setting the tone for a positive home, to feel safe, loved, heard and respected. Just as a business accelerator provides tools and resources to build a successful company, a Life Accelerator provides tools and resources to the participants to help them build a thriving and successful family life. Sometimes, people just need to write a new chapter and surround themselves with positive people and a sense of belonging to help them catapult their lives to the next level.

Why Inspire Village?

We all wish we grew up in a home where you’re not afraid to try; to be able to make mistakes, without the fear of being criticized or shamed.

When kids can grow up in a loving, warm and positive environment, they are equipped with the tools to develop into balanced and confident adults. The founder’s moms broke from an oppressive methodology known as coercive control, becoming heroes themselves.

To honor that, the Founders have dedicated themselves to building a Kind Living community where moms and kids actively contribute to themselves, their neighbors and the region around them. Inspire Village is a community for these moms to reset their lives, prosper and contribute to each other. Single moms have shaped the lives of many influential people; yet every story doesn’t have a happy ending. We want to change that.


An environment of change

The environment has to shift to one that’s supportive, not abusive. Inspire Village is that place. It’s 31 acres nestled 35 miles north of Sacramento near the charming town of Placerville, CA. It’s being transformed into a thriving, self-sufficient community that can be easily replicated in other areas.


How it all works together

Being a single mom forces a woman to balance the basic needs of food, shelter, education, childcare and health care, while managing work, raising great children and in some cases, having to deal with formerly abusive spouses. Rather than just focusing on one aspect, Inspire Village addresses many of the most significant needs a single mom has to manage in order to raise strong, independent kids.

Inspire Village’s Life Accelerator meets and exceeds the basic needs, including a safe place to live, childcare, wellness care, career opportunities, healthy food and car-sharing to allow moms and their kids to focus on success, community and contribution.

Moms can apply to the program. All applications are reviewed and then the top candidates will be interviewed and those who meet the criteria will be invited to participate.

Lead By Example