How to become a resident of Inspire Village.

In May, 2021, we will begin accepting applications for the next phase of our program. We will welcome all to apply but due to space limitations, we are unable to welcome everyone. Please review the following criteria and if you feel you meet them, please complete the application. We will review applications monthly. We will reach out for interviews to the moms that we believe can add the most value to our community.

We understand all applicants are deserving of a safe place to live and thrive. We are just not in a position to serve everyone. Here are the criteria we are considering:
  • Single mom, getting out of a negative situation
  • 6-24 months living on their own or with family and away from the spouse
  • Has an income and job or could be trained
  • Willing to contribute 3-5+ hours a week to the community
  • Currently drug-free, no convictions and able to pass a background check
  • Provide 3-5 personal references
  • Agreement to leave the community should you or your kids violate the rules
  • Physical/mental/emotional stamina
  • Actively facilitates goodwill and positivity through body language and choice of words
  • Qualities: Punctual, keeps her promises, accountable, willing to contribute, persistent and tenacious
  • Open-mindedness and welcoming of different opinions


Thank you so much for considering applying to Inspire Village. Our first cohort, our initial group of families, will be able to apply in May of 2021. We are grateful for you and blessed that you are taking the time to complete this application. We understand you have been dealt a crappy hand and we want to help. We have experienced an overwhelming response and while we would love to help everyone, we are not able to do so based on program capacity. We have a resources page on the site and want to support best we can.

Application Process.

Once you complete the application, we will review it and get back to everyone with an initial answer. If you are selected for an interview, we will contact you to schedule it. If you make the second round of interviews, we would love to meet with you and your kids. If that goes well, we will submit your file for review to the selection committee. Due to space limitations, we are only able to welcome a few families into the next cohort.