Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Life Accelerator?
Similar to a business accelerator, a Life Accelerator supports participants in multiple aspects of their life. Through a shared resources model, we can lower the monthly costs of living a successful life with their family. Just as a business accelerator provides tools and resources to build a successful company, a Life Accelerator provides tools and resources to the participants to help them build a thriving and successful family life.


What will the program offer?
The program offers safe housing, childcare, wellness care, career opportunities in customer service and technical support for those interested, car sharing and organic food.


Is this a non-profit?
In order to provide a tax-deductible donation for any financial contributions to Inspire Village, we have partnered with The New Horizons Foundation Inc which is a 501c3 approved in all 50 states.

New Horizons Foundation does have a board approved project that supports the New Horizons Foundation Operating Project called Inspire Village. The only entity involved is The New Horizons Foundation Inc 501c3 EIN 84-1123082. New Horizons Foundation will allocate all monies designated from Inspire Village donors, less fees, to the operating account for Inspire Village.


Tax-deductible donations via personal or corporate check, Donor Advised Fund or Private Foundation should be made payable to New Horizons Foundation with Inspire Village in the memo of the check.



What are the criteria for applying to the program?
In September, 2020, we will begin accepting applications for the next phase of our program. We welcome all to apply but due to space limitations, we are unable to welcome everyone.
We will review candidates for the program based on the following criteria:
• Single mom, getting out of a negative situation
• 6-24 months living on their own or with family and away from the spouse
• Has an income and job or could be trained
• Willing to contribute 3-5+ hours a week to the community
• Currently drug-free, no convictions and able to pass a background check
• Provide 3-5 personal references
• Agreement to leave the community should you or your kids violate the rules
• Physical/mental/emotional stamina
• Actively facilitates goodwill and positivity through body language and choice of words
• Qualities: Punctual, keeps her promises, accountable, willing to contribute, persistent and tenacious
• Open-mindedness and welcoming of different opinions


How long can I stay?
In order to serve as many women as possible, each of the moms is welcome to stay in the program between three and four years. We have a very specific set of guidelines and rules for participation in this program and anyone violating these rules will be asked to leave.


What happens if I break the rules? If my kids break the rules?
In order for a program of this importance to succeed, we will have very specific rules of behavior and interaction with other program participants. We will provide one warning to a mom and/or her children and then with the second violation, we will ask the participant to find another place to live. While this may sound harsh, we are investing millions of dollars in this program and need participants to understand the importance of its success. If your kids are causing issues for other program participants and their kids, that too, will also count as a violation and you may be asked to leave the program.


What is my monthly commitment to help out in the community?
We ask each mom and her kids that contribute 3 to 5 hours a week of volunteer time to help us successfully run this program.


What if I have been on drugs or had alcohol problems in the past?
While we understand the significant challenges many of our participants have had to overcome in order to participate in this program, we understand drugs and alcohol may have been part of your coping mechanism. We ask that our program participants not partake in any illegal drugs and minimize or eliminate alcohol from your diet.


What kind of background check will be conducted?
We will complete a comprehensive background check including criminal, civil, DMV, work history, current employers and credit check as part of our interview process.


How much will I have to pay to be part of the program?
We anticipate the monthly program fee being $2,000 a month which will cover safe housing, childcare, wellness care, career opportunities, car sharing and organic food.


Is this a religious program?
We welcome moms of all faiths and believe diversity of thoughts and beliefs is a healthy way to develop empathy and understanding. One of our highest principles is inclusion and we believe a healthy connection to a higher power is important. We welcome those with a deep faith and a connection to a higher power but it is not required.



What are the backgrounds of the moms?
The program participants we will select will be moms who are six months to 24 months away from the abusive situation. They are probably working one or two jobs while managing a household with preschool or school-age children. These moms are not homeless nor are they addicted to illegal substances.


Where are most of the moms from?
Most of these moms will be from El Dorado County while some may be from outside the area.


Are these moms homeless?
While there are many programs that help homeless families, this program is targeted towards creating a better life for moms and children who have been in an abusive situation with a spouse. Most will be living with family members or friends prior to our program.


Are they on drugs?
Illicit drug use during the program will be grounds for removal from the program. While some of our participants may have had drug or alcohol problems in the past, program participants accepted into this program will not have any drug or alcohol related dependencies.