Join Inspire Village

To accomplish this, it will take a village. We welcome all kinds of help and support to make this
program as successful as possible for the moms, kids, community and advocates. There are three areas of support:



Volunteer your time to assist with building things, planting things, clearing things, decorating, painting, or a host of other volunteer projects. Please let us know how you would like to volunteer and send it to:



We are always in need of people with special gifts. Some areas include carpentry, nutrition, self defense, teaching, child development, health and wellness and even making forts with the kids. Please share your talents at:



To create a program like this, it will take the generosity of many to make certain investments. There are a variety of ways to participate. You can make tax-deductible donations, grants or loans. You can fund the development of the project or a specific need:

What appeals to you?

There are a variety of ways to donate funds to our project. If you would like to provide funding for a specific need, here are some of the areas that may be of interest:

Fund a micro-home

Provide the funding yourself or assemble a team of like-minded individuals who want to build or assemble a mirco-home for single mom

Fund the greenhouse

Help us grow healthy, organic food for our community and charities in the area

Fund a chicken coop

Help us provide healthy eggs and a place where kids can learn how to take care of animals

Fund a grove of trees

Donate a grove of fruit trees that can provide nutritious fruit for the community

Fund solar

Help the environment and our moms reduce their monthly electric bill

Fund the Village Hub

Fund the community meeting area that will host meals, lectures and fun activities

Fund car-sharing

Donate a car or the money for a car to help our moms reduce their monthly auto expense

Fund a future need

Do you have a recommendation for something we haven’t thought of? Let’s talk