Inspire Village Founders and Leadership Council


The Founders of Inspire Village have surrounded themselves with experts in development, construction, community building and serving single moms getting out of abusive situations.




Jack Porter – A serial entrepreneur and CEO of 10 successful software companies. Jack has strong experience in advanced Artificial Intelligence technologies and has invested in several companies built on this business model. Jack has served on the Board for Shepherd’s Gate, a community helping battered women the moment they leave their negative situation. He is a generous philanthropist and actively supports numerous charities and projects.


Stuart Newton – A 35-year Silicon Valley veteran, Stuart currently leads business development for the middle market group of a Big 4 accounting firm. Stuart has worked in venture-backed startups to Fortune 1000 companies. A social impact problem solver, Stuart has an extensive network of property owners, developers, funding sources and others to create affordable housing. He co-chairs the Gender, Diversity and Inclusion committee for the Bay Area Council and is a mentor to numerous social impact leaders and projects.



Inspire Village Leadership Council


Kingsley Aikins – CEO, The Networking Institute. Expertise in philanthropy and fundraising, diaspora engagement, and speaking. An Economics and Politics graduate of Trinity College, Dublin, Kingsley has lived and worked in six countries in a career in trade and investment, philanthropy, education, diaspora and tourism and has worked for major organizations, governments and countries.


Chrisann Brennan – A research-based artist, a futurist and an author of a memoir about an unusual history at the beginning of Silicon Valley that speaks directly to the culture of abandonment of women/mothers and children. Her memoir was translated into seven languages. Authoring her second book which will delve deeper into the topic, she is committed to changing evolutionary consciousness and creativity.


John Brown – As Managing Partner for Sands Point Consulting, John collaborates with entrepreneurs, founders, and senior corporate leaders to develop new technology ventures. He specializes in business development, execution, product and technology investment, and relationship management. He also serves as a board member, investor, and mentor in global ventures. Dedicated to advocating for veterans, John serves as Chairman of No Greater Sacrifice, an educational foundation providing mentoring and college scholarships to families of wounded service members.


Alan Cerro – Broker/Owner of Cerro Vista Land & Development, Co-owner and CEO of C &V Investment Company. Alan has consulting expertise on the viability of potential land and building acquisitions. He counsels clients on a variety of land use issues. He has been directly involved in the development and construction of more than 200 homes with an additional 75 custom lots sold at final map. Alan studied Economics at UC-Berkeley.


Gina DeVito – Successful labor and employment attorney, serving Fortune 500 clients to single moms. Gina teaches and mentors students of the USF, School of Law, and is co-authoring a book on the importance of gratitude. She is a passionate advocate for special causes and hosts charity and fundraising events for women’s issues including breast cancer awareness.


Tom Dowd – A founder and former President of Dowd and Guild, currently Tom focuses on family and philanthropy. Former President of the advisory board for Shepherd’s Gate, a Christian organization that meets the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of women and children suffering from homelessness, addiction and domestic violence. He supports many Christian organizations throughout the Bay Area.


Keren Flavell – Karen is has a proven track record as a successful CEO assembling world-class teams to deliver technology and content that enriches communities and has a positive impact. Award-winning web producer, author, speaker and strategist. She is leading a co-living project, Containerly, in Northern CA.


Danna Lewis – An experienced executive in high-growth startups to Fortune 500 companies. Expertise in strategic business operations and the consciousness of whole-life wellbeing to individuals and groups empowering them to own their skills, strengths, knowledge and values. Advocate for personal leadership. Published author and host of a weekly syndicated radio show/podcast.


Gary Oliver – A dynamic CEO/board member with deep experience across venture-backed, mid-size and large global technology companies. Mentors CEOs and boards of non-profit organizations to scale up their impact.


Lisa Levine Rieken – An accomplished executive in the high tech and leadership development industries. Skilled in launching and scaling high tech startups, creating and growing customer advocacy program as well as she has owned and operated wellness and leadership development businesses. Proven ability to optimize revenue, construct viable markets, build loyal customer bases and inspire successful teams. An advocate for women’s issues. She mentors numerous non-profit founders to expand their reach and connection to their advocates.


Anita Sands – Anita is a seasoned, Silicon Valley board member, speaker and author. Board member of Symantec, ServiceNow, Pure Storage, ThoughtWorks and AppBus. An advocate for women’s issues, and speaks around the globe on gender equality and the power of belonging, leadership and governance for the digital age


Maria Sipka – A pioneer in influencer marketing. Co-founder at Linqia, a leading performance-based influencer marketing technology company whose turnkey programs deliver guaranteed results for over 350 major brands. Recognized as one of the leading women in technology by Forbes. Passionate about Social Impact Storytelling based on the belief that all ideas start with two things, emotional connection and inspired action.


Monette Stephens – Monette is a successful business leader in technology, banking, capital markets, and fintech. She is a staunch advocate for women’s issues and active in numerous charities and programs to give back. She is a mentor to young women in both business and philanthropy.


Dick Wheeler – Founder of ProExhibits. Experienced Founder who is a strong business development professional skilled in integrated marketing, advertising, sales, event management, and strategic partnerships. Dick is involved in numerous charities and a mentor to Founders of social impact projects.


Mark Williams – A senior executive at Pulte Homes who has led housing developments throughout California. Skilled in leading Nonprofit Organizations, Operations Management, Coaching, Sales, and Event Management. Serves nonprofits through development, fundraising, social media, and fostering strong connections that can act to raise and transform their ministry, NGO, or non-profit.


Community Cohort

There are many organizations that are in alignment with Inspire Village’s purpose and goals. We believe we can collaborate with these organizations. Additionally, they can provide referrals to potential program participants.

  • Center for Violence-Free Relationship – The Center for Violence-Free Relationships, based in Placerville, CA, is dedicated to building healthy relationships, families and communities free from sexual assault and domestic violence through education, advocacy and services.
  • Shepherd’s Gate – Based in Livermore, CA, Shepherd’s Gate is designed to help moms and families in critical situations. This is often not only abuse, but addiction and poor choices. Although these families are not in our target market, once the rehabilitation is complete, we may be able to support these families.
  • Neighbors in the Gap – Neighbors in the Gap (NITG) is the ministry of Jack Porter and was set up to support single moms in Mountain House, California. This ministry was created as a project from the Masters Program and provided a test case to the design of Inspire Village. NITG has 20 men supporting 80 single moms and their families.  This support includes heavy lifting, home maintenance, car repair, and basically anything a man at home would typically do.  Each volunteer agrees to spend 1 hour per month and women post jobs that men accept.  In addition, we have raised $5,000 to help with emergency bills.  Each woman can receive $200 per year.  In addition, we provide family adoption at Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  • Home Aid Sacramento – HomeAid’s unique nonprofit business model mobilizes members of the North State Building Industry Association to give back to their community by donating labor, materials, and expertise to build and remodel dignified housing for homeless families and individuals. Through the generosity of Sacramento region homebuilders, trade partners, financial institutions, and members of the community, HomeAid Sacramento has successfully completed more than 100 building projects since 1996, adding more than 1,200 beds for homeless adults and children.